An Environmental Statement Against ISIS

No to Terrorism, a Commitment on Environmental Security

(An Environmental Statement Against ISIS)

The Statement of Environmental NGOs and Civic Activists to Condemn Tehran’s Terrorist Operations and the Government Commitment on Environmental Security

According to Gich journal,, environmental NGOs and Iran’s civic activists strongly condemn the terrorist attack on Wednesday in Tehran and any other terrorist attacks all around the world. Supporting the global sustainable peace, they ask leaders of all countries to care and undertake more about the key principle of ‘environmental security’.

For years, war and slaughter in Middle East, interior wars in some African countries and other parts of the world make the situation hard for the nature and provoke many environmental crises.

As peace, security, and tranquility guarantee a better life for nations and development of human societies, we do not want war, terrorism, slaughter, and extremist not only for ourselves but also for other nations.

Civic activists all around the world, without considering boundaries, nationalities, skin color, relegion and language, always attempt to create peace among societies. But one of the most important ways to achieve security and peace in the world is the attempt to keep sustainability, balance, health and harmony in nature.

That attempt is sometimes followed by international communities like the United Nations as well, such as the climate agreement in Paris (22nd, April 2016 on Earth day) that 195 countries have signed it to play their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

While every day the blood of innocent people is on the ground, we believe that to promote peace, security and betterment of the planet, we must not be greedy about personal and group interests and short term goals, we must think about general, national, and global interests and long term goals for human race survival.

We believe that desertification and erosion of soil, drought and uncontrolled exploitation of groundwater, cutting off trees and deforestation, dam construction and water transport, slaughter and wildlife trafficing, changing the use of protected areas and wildlife shelters and etc are among the factors that threat peace, security, safety, health and survival on the planet Earth.

We as Iran’s civic society and the member of international community, along with our like-minded in other countries with the same voice cry #notoviolence, #nototerrorism, #notoextremist, #notoclimatechange, #notoglobalwarming, and we want government in Iran and all other government to put the key principle of #environmentalsecurity seriously in their agenda.

We have witnessed brutal killings by terrorist groups such as Taleban, ISIS, Al- Qaeda and so on over the past few years. The groups that not only consider the historical and cultural heritage of different communities worthless but also do not have mercy on animals and environment. Today, we have no doubt that if the balance and sustainability of environment and nature, water safety, animals, plants, forests, and so on are in danger, a more enormous and serious threat than terrorist groups will await us.

Writer: Ehsan Mirzaei

Translation: Zaynab Zaferanchi

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